Staying fit and healthy is a top consideration of many men. However, it becomes challenging when one gets past the young active years. Naturally, men over 40 tend to be less energetic than the younger men. That is why many men over forty will be overweight and less fit. Fortunately, this issue can be solved with the help of one program, Abs After 40.

The Abs After 40 Fitness Program For Men

This is a twelve-week program dedicated to men over forty by one of them. It is a fitness workout program that works in three stages. Though the title suggests Abs After 40 workout, the program goes beyond the abs. It offers the user tips and tricks of getting rid of the fat belly and gain pounds of muscles while boosting the natural levels of energy and testosterone.

The Developer: Mark Mcilyar

This program was developed by one, Mark Mcilyar, who is a 53-year old male model and fitness expert. Amazingly, Mark is a grandpa, who is perfectly ripped for his age. He has worked over his chubby weight in less than four years, and he presents how he did it in this program. Mark is one of the fitness instructors of the popular YouTube Channel, Six Pack Shortcuts & Abs After 40, which has over 4 million subscribers.

The Difficulties Of Working Out At The Age Of 40+

abs after 40 pros and consToo many men over forty have complained having difficulties when working out. According to the knowledge and experience of Mark, here are some reasons for the common challenges.

• Change in male hormone production. As you get old, the natural synthesis of hormones reduces. The deterioration means that testosterone level will be lower compared to the younger years.

• Consuming foods will high fat levels. This is another common issue with men over 40. For instance, barbecue has a lot of fat, and it is a favorite of many men over forty.

• Eating a lot of processed foods. Foods sold in cans and plastic bags will deteriorate the natural energy level in the body.

• Engaging in the wrong workouts. Most of the common exercises suggested by workout specialists are designed for younger folks.

• A lot of stress. Many men over forty will undergo stressful situations, which affect their training.

The best way to avoid more fat being absorbed in the body is to be selective with your food.

What Does The Program Include?

This program works in three phases, which help to deliver the best results to the user. They include the following;

—-Stage One: Fat Loss Jumpstart

In this phase, Mark describes how you can naturally restart your body to burn off fat. The synthesis of testosterone declines when you are over 40, and this stage helps to reset your body. Mark lays down the right workouts to perform, which will not harm the body. The workouts are designed to be easy on the joints, and strong enough to boost the testosterone levels.

—-Stage Two: Testosterone Optimization

This stage points out the ways of boosting and sustaining your male hormone levels as it was during the younger years. The phase identifies the common things that will lower your testosterone levels. Also, you will learn about the best foods that will boost your male hormone levels. Other than that, users will enjoy a happier sex life with their partners because the program also triggers the sex drive.

—-Phase Three: Complete Auto Fat Burning State

Here, you will start noticing changes in your body, which is supposedly in the third month. With the increased levels of hormones and the effective workouts, you will start experiencing fat loss in the body. Also, you can be sure of getting rid of your belly fat and achieve a set of six pack.

Pros Of The Fitness Program

• It is designed by a 53-year old workout specialist, so it promises to deliver.
• It is all-natural, and there are no risks of lethal side effects.
• The workouts in the program are safe for the men over 40.
• You get a range of workout and food suggestions that will help you further.

The Con!: Honestly, there are no much drawbacks linked to this program. However, the user must put in their efforts for them to achieve the results.

Without any doubt, Abs After 40 is a program that has been proven to work. The developer, Mark, created the program based on what he did to achieve his ripped body. All the workout and food suggestions are natural, so there is nothing risky about it. If you follow the program as Mark instructs, you can be sure of getting the right results.

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